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When your faucet leaks, your toilet overflows or your sink is clogged, do you just shake your head in dismay and wait for a miracle? If yes, it is time that you learn a few handy skills so that you know what to do in case of a home plumbing emergency. Undergoing a plumbing course will equip you with knowledge on plumbing and give you intensive training on how to fix plumbing problems. But if that is not a priority for you right now, you will find these simple tips useful in case of home plumbing emergencies.

General tips

  1. Be prepared. Don’t wait for a problem to occur before you go locate the main water supply switch or learn about how to unclog a drain or look for a plumber.
  2. Don’t panic. Panicking will do you no good. Remain calm and always tell yourself that there’s always a solution to any home plumbing problem.
  3. Know the plumbing system in your home. Educate your whole family about this. Locate and mark the main water supply shut off valves as well as other shut off valves for other fixtures.
  4. Always have contact information of a professional ready. Even if you repair minor problems, it’s still best that you have the contact number and name of a professional plumber whom you can reach in case of a plumbing emergency. Put this information near the telephone or in a place, which you can easily get a hold of.
  5. Maintenance and care is a good preventive measure for plumbing problems. For example, once a week, pour boiling water down the drain to prevent grease and debris build-up, which can lead to clogs.

Problems and solutions

There are various home plumbing problems but here are few of the most common ones:

1. Clogged drain. Use a plunger to rid of the clog. If this does not work, opt to use a plumber’s snake. You can also utilize drain cleaners but just be careful when using this because some contain strong chemicals that can damage the pipes. Consult with the manufacturer’s instructions before you pour a drain cleaner into your sink.

2. Toilet that continuously run. This is typically caused by a float rising too high. To fix this, bend the rod slightly downward to lower the float ball. Check the tank flapper and the other toilet components because this problem can also be caused by worn out parts. You may need to clean, adjust or replace these parts.

3. Stuck faucets. This problem can be solved by removing mineral deposits that are clogged into the faucet. You may also apply a thin coating of FSA-approved silicone grease to smoothen the faucet. Never use petroleum jelly.

4. Frozen pipes. Thaw frozen pipes using a hair dryer or towels dipped in hot water. Never expose it to direct heat. It is crucial that you are able to heat it slowly to prevent the pipe from breaking down. Home plumbing problems are not that hard to solve if you have the sufficient knowledge and skills on plumbing. But remember, if you were even just a little doubtful on your capability to fix a particular problem, it would be wiser to hire professional help. It’s always better safe than sorry.

4 Steps Efficient and Effective Home Improvement Planning

Home Improvement plan

Perhaps you and a lot of people have had their own fears when thinking about renovating your home, especially if it is an urgent need for your home such as preparing for incoming winter. Actually, if you know the steps – the exact steps to plans home improvement is not something that should be feared.

Here we will to show you simple 4 steps that will help you save money without reducing the quality for your home :

Define the concept in detailed

The first step you should do is think of an appropriate design associated with any part of your house that will be fixed. Are there any old material that will be re-used or completely use new items, if any consideration of the use of old material, you have use it wisely and carefully. When you have a clear concept and detailed design will be easier for you to do your work more quickly and organized.

Perform the selection of materials and quality building materials

The selection of materials and quality building materials is necessary, especially if there is a limited amount of money we are prepared. We may consider to use high quality materials or used materials. Certainly the used materials can only be applied to the the house that is not too risky, such as ceramic tiles, wood, wall paint.

Choose the most suitable method of payment

If the concept and design is clear and detailed, builders payment system with a contract system would be more profitable. But if the concept and design is not yet clear, it is better to pay a daily system.

Schedule a time that is most appropriate

Determine the appropriate time for renovations. You should avoid doing repairs during the rainy season because the handyman you hire will have difficulty when doing work on your house.

By doing these four steps, at least will help you to save a bloated budget when making improvements to your home. Good luck!

Home Improvement Resolutions For The New Year

Home improvement new year

Once again, it’s that time of year to start thinking about resolutions for the New Year. As a homeowner you may want to consider a resolution to improve the value of your home. Many homeowners, especially new homeowners, forget that there is also time, money, and physical effort needed to maintain and increase the value of a home. Yearly resolutions that include the maintenance and improvement of your home will not only make it look nicer and more usable, but also increase the value. Home improvements also include maintenance to prevent more expensive repairs. Home maintenance performed regularly prevents things from breaking, thereby reducing expenses in the future. The easiest way not to have a problem in the future is to regularly maintain it.

• Home Improvement Resolution List – Each year discussing what needs to be done to your house with your spouse is a great way to prepare financially for what projects need to be completed. This is a great way to find out how much work is ahead of you and what the cost will be.

• After The Holiday Clean-Up – Taking down the Christmas decorations is the perfect time to organize your attic or storage areas. Pull the boxes out of your attic or storage areas and sort them. Make a pile for items that could be donated, a pile for items that can be thrown away, and a pile to be put back into the storage area. This is a great way to get rid of any unneeded items or donate them.

• Test Your Smoke and Carbon Dioxide Detectors – This is a simple task but you need to do this on a regular basis to find out if the batteries need to be replaced.

• Test Your Garage Door Opener – This is to make sure that it is working properly and that the auto-reverse feature is working. If the garage door auto-reverse feature is not working the repair could be as simple as aligning the sensors on the garage door tracks.

• Water Heater – This is a great time to test your water heaters pressure release valve to safeguard against leaks and to make sure your water heater is running efficiently.

• Refrigerator Coils – Thoroughly vacuum refrigerator coils which will help your refrigerator run more efficiently. This should also keep your electric bill in check.

• Check Your Roof and Gutters – Do a visual inspection of your roof and gutters to make sure that there are no ice dams or icicles; this should be checked throughout the winter. Ice dams and icicles can be a danger to people, but can also damage your roof and your foundation when they melt.

• Furnace – If you haven’t already done so at the beginning of winter you should check your air filter for your furnace. This should be done every 30 days to make sure it is working properly.

• Windows – Now is a great time to check your windows to see if there are any drafts. You may need to re-caulk the windows or possibly install a plastic sheet over the windows for further insulation.

• Dryer – Vacuum out the clothes dryer’s exhaust hose to ensure your dryer is working efficiently.

• GFCI (ground fault circuit interpreter) – Test all the GFCI outlets in your house to make sure they are working properly. These outlets are typically by the kitchen and utility tub sinks as well as the bathrooms.

Although this is not an extensive list of what could be done to maintain your house, it is a good start. Taking the time to properly maintain your house will not only make it more comfortable, but will save you time and money. Preventive maintenance costs a lot less than an emergency situation when it comes to home repairs.

Simple Tips on Buying a House

Buying a House

My house is my palace. The statement proves that home is a comfortable place to stay and a place to gather with family. Therefore before buying a home, you must pay attention carefully every details of the house that you will buy. Here are some simple tips on buying a new home.

Use agents

In terms of finding a new home to be livable, if you are a beginner you better use agents because agents are those who are more experienced and better understanding of all things related to sale and purchase of homes.

Buying a home through an agent allows you to get your dream home. When you use the services of an agent to find a new home for the family, they will immediately give you some references that prospective accordance with your wishes.

The agency provides a list of homes with the following details:

First is the location of the house.

Location of the house is very important for prospective homeowners to ease of access the mobility of home owners.

Second is spacious home.

Various houses with different spacious will be recommended to prospective homeowners. The homeowners can choose the home which is suitable for them.Spacious house and land around the home will determine the price to be offered by the mortgage.

Third is the price of the mortgage each month or year.

Mortgage rates that will be purchased are varies, according to the amount of the down payment that is paid at the beginning of the transaction. The greater the down payment that is paid, then the price of the mortgage each month or year will not be too expensive.

Use the recommendations from co-workers and relatives

The house recommended by a partner or relative usually is valid for those of you who are looking for a home. They certainly will recommend the best in terms of meet your criteria.

As already informed the previous information, the strategic location of the house and the house spacious and the land around the home will affect the selling price of the home.

Therefore, it would be very reasonable if the price of the house will be more expensive if the house is located in a fairly strategic and spacious area.

Home Improvement Construction Project Planning

Home construction

The first task before hiring a contractor for home remodeling is laying out the details on what exactly you want done. This will ultimately save you time and money, as you will be able to choose the perfect contractor for your construction job, and get the job done correctly the first time. Personally, I have always found that writing out every detail initially will help you think of the task more clearly in your mind.

This will also aid in your description of the job to the contractor, and will allow for a better estimate of time and cost, which are coincidentally the two most important things to consumers. Sketches can also prove useful. You do not have to be an artist to amply describe your wants and needs via drawings. Just grab a ruler and a pencil, and draw out the area you want to do work on.

If you have a scanner or copy machine, make a few copies of this so you can further draw on this base, and if you entirely mess up, just start over. Often times, I like to use different colors of ink for the construction procedures that I want accomplished. I use red for things I want removed, and green for things I want added. Blue ink I reserve for notes and arrows, of which there are sure plenty.

When drawing up your plans, make sure to include every thought you have, even if it seems unimportant at the moment. Remember, the ultimate goal here is complete communication between you and the contractor you?e hiring. Put all of your thoughts on paper, and let your contractor decide what is and what is not important to your construction work. If you provide too much information, then you have succeeded.

One pitfall that home owners often make is that of assumption. The thought process goes something like this:? he contractor has probably done this type of work dozens of times, I? sure he knows what I want. ? While this might be true 90% of the time, you do not want to be in the 10% of construction projects that go wrong. This can cost you thousands of dollars, and you will be right where you started, or worse.

Just follow the following steps to a successful construction project, and you will be totally satisfied with your contractor? work.

1. Decide the type of work you want done. Set a goal for this, and always keep the goal in mind.

2. Carefully plan out on paper how you wish to obtain this goal. Be sure to include every thought whether or not it seems necessary at the moment.

3. Start shopping for contractors. Explain every detail to them so they might provide an accurate estimate of time and cost.

4. Find at least two qualified contractors who can do the job within your budget and time frame.

5. Upon arrival, reconfirm your expectations of the project.

Follow these steps and it is almost certain you will be satisfied with your home construction project.