July 18, 2024

CBD Gummy Ingredients

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These gummies may not taste as good as your regular gummy bears but you should always be aware of the CBD gummy ingredients in your chosen product. These will help you to understand the company’s beliefs and whether these gummies match your health and wellness goals.

It is also important to decide if you wish THC in your product. Some CBD gummies are full-spectrum. It’s up to you to make the right choice, but it is worth taking time to research which extract you like best. You can then choose the gummies you want. Do not settle for something that isn’t right for you, or with something you aren’t familiar with. Research is important!

Benefits of CBD Oil Gummies

High-quality products at great prices

The potent, effective, and fast CBD oil is available.

Broad-Spectrum hemp oil

THC-Free (0.0% THC).

High absorption oil

No Pesticides, Herbicides or Harsh Chemicals

High-quality hemp extract

Rigorous laboratory testing assures consistency and quality

White-Glove Customer Service & support

You can always access third-party lab test results to ensure that you have the assurance that your product is safe and of high quality.

You can browse through all the CBD product options on our website, and pick the ones that interest you the most. No matter if you’re looking for CBD gummies or another CBD-infused product, we’re happy to help you find CBD products that fit your lifestyle.

Third-Party Laboratory Results

Manufactured products are shipped with Certificates of Quality Assurances (COA) from the manufacturer. The COAs are then sent out to third-party labs for additional testing. Each batch of products is double-checked by our product development team to ensure its highest quality and efficacy. We believe in total transparency. All Certificates, Lab Reports, and other documents are available on this website. Just CBD Store is the trusted brand for high-quality, efficient, and affordable products.

Great-Tasting Fruit Flavor

Each jar contains 20 gummies with a variety of fruits. There are three flavors in each jar: grape, orange, and lemon. These gummies contain natural fruit flavors and coloring. High-quality products, are THC-free (0.0%) and have been tested by third parties. CBD Gummies can be a discreet and fun way to add pure CBD oil to your daily routine. Get our CBD Gummy Specials and Save!

Quality Tested

All CBD gummies undergo rigorous laboratory testing to ensure they’re free of pesticides, molds, and harsh chemicals. Which makes CBD gummies, is THC Free and Gluten-Free. Each CBD gummy contains all-natural coloring, all-natural flavoring, and no artificial flavors. Our CBD gummies offer the perfect balance between taste and texture. We believe CBD should not cause harm, but be beneficial.

Beware Of Medical Claims

CBD has not been FDA-approved as a treatment or cure for any disease. Any CBD oil that claims to reduce high blood pressure or heart disease, chronic pain, and/or works within the body’s opioid receptors are making a claim that can’t be supported by science. Beware of any brand that claims CBD oil can heal Alzheimer’s.

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