June 13, 2024

How to Select the Most Appropriate Entrance Floor Mats for Your Company

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Purchasing Guidelines for Commercial Floor Mats That Will Keep Your Business Safe, Clean, and Attractive

While purchasing industrial floor mats may not be as exciting as purchasing another commercial décor, it can have a significant influence on your bottom line. Commercial floor mats or grids protect your entry flooring from wear and tear while also keeping mud and debris out of your establishment.

The correct entrance mats, above all, avoid slips, trips, and falls, which can result in costly lawsuits and worker compensation payments.

3 Characteristics of the Best Commercial Floor Mats

When shopping for commercial floor mats, seek for these three elements to keep your establishment safe, clean, and appealing.

1. Anti-Trip & Non-Slip

With recessed entrance floor mats or grids, you may avoid the effort of moving floor mats and the risk of tripping consumers. Even the greatest non-slip or anti-slip rubber, carpet, and vinyl floor mats seem out of place and become tangled up in shoes. Floor mats and grids made of aluminum are fitted flush with your flooring. They keep put even when there is a lot of foot activity. These anti-slip and anti-trip metal floor mats and grids are non-slip.

A metal entrance floor mat may appear to be slick, but it isn’t. Carpet, vinyl, or serrated metal treads are used to make aluminum floor mats and grids. As a result, the flooring is more slip-resistant and catches more moisture, dirt, and debris.

2. Saves you money on cleaning

Customers and clients might be left with a lasting first impression if the floors are kept clean. However, whether you manage a retail store or a manufacturing factory, keeping your floors clean can feel like a losing struggle. Every month, heavy foot traffic can track in pounds of filth and dampness.

Dirt, mud, sand, and water are captured by high-quality business floor mats and do not spread throughout your building.

The aluminum entry mats and grids systems from Base Specialties may trap up to 24 pounds of dirt per month! Reduce muck and moisture by up to 80% throughout your facility, resulting in cheaper cleaning expenses for your company.

3. Adaptable to Your Company’s Needs

Custom logo rugs for businesses should be both useful and appealing. For example, you could want to put carpet in your entrance to make your business feel more friendly and to hide the filth and mud that clients track in. If you need industrial floor mats, a serrated vinyl or serrated aluminum tread entrance grid with added traction is a good option.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice safety in the name of aesthetics. You don’t have to use metal floor mats. Custom entry solutions are created by Base Specialties in collaboration with businesses.

These logo mats are constructed of UV-resistant, long-lasting polypropylene. They also include a sewn and glued high-profile vinyl edging, giving you a great-looking, highly useful, and long-lasting mat.

Uniquely shaped entryways can be accommodated by our floor mats, grids, and grilles. You can choose from carpet, serrated or abrasive vinyl, or serrated metal treads. You can also choose the tread and aluminum finish color that best complements your company’s interior design.

Commercial Floor Mats’ Gold Standard

Commercial entryway matting made of aluminum is the gold standard. It saves money on cleaning costs, eliminates harmful slips, trips, and falls, and may be tailored to your company’s needs. Aluminum floor matting from Base Specialties can be found in corporate offices, churches, health care institutions, hotels, grocery stores, shopping malls, schools, and more!

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