May 21, 2024

Tips For Beginners to Decorate the Room with Chandeliers.

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Lights are so important in our day-to-day life. Every place that we visit like shops, hotels, restaurants, offices, even in our home lighting becomes very important. It is one of the main elements in décor and are available in various style and designs. Nowadays there are so many options on the market and often it is confusing while buying lighting fixtures.

Chandeliers illuminate any space and give a classy look. It is a great lighting fixture for your home. If you want to want more tips and information about chandeliers, then this blog by sofary will give you different viewpoints and ideas for decorating your space with chandeliers.

Tips for decorating with chandeliers.

  • Start by researching and visiting local retailers or interior decorators

You can start reading blogs and articles about chandeliers. Know the tips for choosing and placing ideas for chandeliers. Try to know about popular chandeliers that are available, or find any website that will help you with them. Visit local retailers, hardware stores, which can be a great place for finding chandeliers with different choices.

  • select the correct size chandelier for your room.

It will be overwhelming to have a big chandelier, but a too-small chandelier will fail to impress. There are many ways of getting a decent chandelier size for your room, you can mentally compare it too, but the right way is a mathematical calculation for an ideal-sized chandelier.

  • Complement the materials and color palette of the space

The chandelier should complement the style of a room. While searching for the chandelier, keep a note of materials used in your room and the color co-ordination. Is there mixed metal or is it a single metal in the room? While checking chandeliers with beads, crystal, wood and metal be sure, these are things you consider. 

  • Try new chandeliers.

You don’t have to always choose something common like crystal chandeliers. If you are new to getting a chandelier then note that there are many options for chandeliers. If you want something dramatic, then go for stained glass, bubble bulb, shining metals chandeliers. If you are finding something natural, then chandeliers with rope, paper, wood, and beads are available.

  • Place the chandelier at an unexpected spot

It is common to find a chandelier in your hall, entrance, bedroom and dining room. It gets fresh and unique to find a chandelier in a nontraditional place like a kid’s playroom, outdoor tea space, or kitchen.

  • Hang the chandelier correctly

The guidelines for handling a chandelier depend on where you place it. According to experts, the chandeliers should hang 30 to 36 inches above the table. The taller the ceiling is, the taller the chandelier can be is the rule. The chain can be adjusted as per our needs, but the chandelier should hang no longer than 7 feet.

  • Be sure where you want to hang the chandelier

A simple decision shows a lot about your style and choice. If you want a classic look place the chandelier right in the center. Other than that, you can have it slightly off-center and have an unexpected style.

Get your room styled with chandeliers and make them unique, classy, and outstanding. Follow the steps and get your chandelier placed well.

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