July 18, 2024

Is It Worth It To Invest In A Rooftop Walkway System?

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Adding to your company’s commercial space can seem like a daunting Endeavour. Keeping up with new safety requirements and industry developments can be difficult and costly. Rooftop walkway systems are a great way to add value to your commercial building while also giving various benefits. They are also quite inexpensive and simple to construct. The Con-form Group Rooftop Walkway System, the gold standard for safe roof access, is available exclusively from Design Components, Inc. The Con-form Group Rooftop Walkway System is composed of high-quality aluminium and may be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your structure.

Advantages of a Rooftop Walkway System Made of Aluminum

Commercial organizations can benefit from aluminium rooftop walkway systems in a variety of ways. Aluminum rooftop walkway systems can improve your business operations in addition to providing apparent safety benefits. Design Components, Inc. is the area’s leader in aluminium roof walkway systems, and we’re dedicated to making your commercial space as useful, safe, and accessible as possible.

Here are some ways that an aluminium rooftop walkway system might benefit your company:

• Safety: A rooftop walkway system made of aluminium provides workers with a safer means to access the roof. Because it eliminates numerous trip dangers, the walkway may make workers feel more at ease on the roof. Rooftop walkways also make it easier to go to the roof in bad weather or when the ground is slippery.

• Work Smarter, Not Harder: Having safe and accessible access to the roof simplifies maintenance, oversight, and repairs. Access to HVAC units, power units, and other rooftop equipment is made safer using aluminium rooftop walkway systems. Continuous roof access also provides for early detection of problems and repairs, as well as quick resolution of those problems.

• Increased Building Value: Installing an aluminium rooftop walkway system reduces the wear and tear on your roof by protecting it from foot traffic damage. The durable aluminium material is also engineered to survive a lot of extra wear and tear, so you won’t have to worry about repair costs! Rooftop walkway systems also increase the value of your building if you ever decide to sell it.

For safe rooftop access, the Con-form Group Rooftop Walkway System is the gold standard. The walkway systems meets or exceeds OSHA and IBC code standards and may be installed without damaging standing seam metal roof panels. Design Components, Inc. is the area’s only METALWALK® supplier and offers a variety of customizable rooftop walkway solutions that are ideal for any building or budget.

For ultimate rooftop safety, the Con-form Group Rooftop Walkway System is combined with a Safety Handrail System. Many of our other items, such as ladders, roof hatches, stairs, and more, maybe used with the rooftop walkway system

Helpful tips for building and maintaining a safe and reliable rooftop walkway system.

1. Include handrails where necessary.

If the roofing structure is made of a delicate substrate, additional attention must be paid to providing suitable protection, particularly around roof pitches. On narrow or slanted surfaces with gradients greater than 10 degrees, railings can be installed to provide additional safety.

2. Use seasonal maintenance that is adaptable.

Because most roof walkways are built to make roof care easier, it makes sense to make sure the walkway itself doesn’t require much upkeep. Maintenance can be kept to a minimum if the correct materials are used.

When it comes to upkeep, though, it’s crucial to keep in mind the effects of the seasons. It’s a good idea to inspect for any damage that the winter months may have caused in the spring. Examine the walkways for any evident indicators of slipping risks and to confirm that nothing has been damaged.

Make sure any important maintenance is completed before the winter season arrives. In the winter, repairing walkways is substantially more difficult. Unless there is an emergency, you don’t need to do anything in the winter. Make sure to inspect the walkway, as well as the rest of the roof, after extremely bad weather.

Individual elements of a modular walkway can be removed and replaced without destroying the rest of the walkway.

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