July 18, 2024

4 Reasons To Choose Soy Wax Over Paraffin Wax

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If you haven’t tried burning soy wax instead of standard paraffin, you might be missing out on a slew of benefits for your nose, wallet, and health. In reality, burning soy wax flakes in the form of a wax melt or candle is a far superior alternative to standard paraffin for a variety of reasons. Find out why below!

#1.  Soy Wax Is Natural

Soy wax, derived from soybeans, is a hydrogenated vegetable oil that solidifies at room temperature. After being gathered, the beans are washed, split, dehulled, and rolled into flakes. Soy wax includes no artificial ingredients, making it a better option than paraffin wax, manufactured from petroleum oil and emits toxic by-products when burnt or melted. Because soy wax is non-toxic, it is better for the environment as well as your health!

#2.  Paraffin Wax May Contain Benzene

Many popular candle companies use paraffin wax in their production. Paraffin wax is generated from petroleum. It has been stated that when paraffin wax is burned, it emits hazardous compounds, which has led to its demise.

#3.  Soy Wax Is Environmentally Friendly

Soy wax is environmentally beneficial since it is manufactured from soybeans, which are a renewable resource. Paraffin wax is obtained from petroleum, which is not a sustainable resource. This is especially crucial if you are pregnant, have children, or have pets, because it is the healthiest option. You should avoid wax mixtures or candles that do not list the specific breakdown of materials.

#4.  Soy Wax Burns Cleaner

Because soy wax is created entirely from natural ingredients, it is claimed to burn cleaner than petroleum-derived paraffin wax. People sometimes complain of headaches when paraffin candles burn, although this is generally due to the chemicals released into the air rather than the aroma of the wax.

There are several benefits to using soy wax melts and candles instead of paraffin candles, ranging from richer smells to being healthier to burn. If you want to try out the advantages of soy wax for yourself, stop by the Aussie Candle Supplies, where you’ll discover soy wax melts in a range of delectable aromas.

Can You Use Soy Candle Wax As A Lotion?

Yes. Soy candle wax works well as a lotion.

First and foremost, ensure that the soy wax you are using is of cosmetic quality. Although wax has few negative effects, only one variety of soy wax, CB-135, has been dermatologically evaluated.

Candle makers avoid CB-134 because it typically leaves an unsightly coating on top of the candle.

Soy wax is polymorphic, which means that crystals form easily over time and with variations in ambient temperature.

This implies that if you see a candle with an unsightly top layer, you know you’ve got the appropriate kind.

They don’t have to have this layer to be the appropriate kind, though. Otherwise, seek soy wax candles labeled as dermatologically tested or cosmetic grade soy wax.

Finally, if a candle is labelled as soy, you should double-check its concentration. To be labelled as soy wax, a candle must contain at least 50% soy.

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