July 17, 2024

Types And Styles Of The Door Handle

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Door handles are often the finishing touch for your home. You must choose the right handle for your project. To help you choose the best door handle, we’ve listed all available options from handles and doorknobs to thumb turns and cabinet pulls.

Lever On Backplate Handles

Backplate-mounted lever on the handle is a handle that comes with a backplate. These handles are traditional in style and can be supplied as a handle with a backplate or as a lever and lock. They are most often used for bathrooms. You can choose from various backplate styles: the traditional shape, square, curved, or fleur de lys styled backplates for older buildings.

Lever On Rose Handles

Lever-on-rose door handles have a square or round rose around the point where the handle connects with the door. This ensures that the fixings are concealed from view and gives the door a smooth finish. These handles are smaller than backplates and don’t come with locks. However, escutcheons can be used to cover the fixings and make them invisible so that they look smooth. You can choose simple stainless steel levers or polished chrome and two-tone finishes. There are also a variety of handles for rose handles, including linear and winged handles.

D Pull Handles

D pull handles are great for doors that don’t require latches. D handles open inwardly and can be used as a solution. They are attached externally to the door and come in many styles. Many people love their simplicity and ease of use. You can choose from straight edge handles, curved D handles, or T handles that have extensions at either end for a more linear appearance.

Flush Pull Handles

Flush handles are used most often on sliding doors. They are installed into the door to create a flush finish that allows doors to slide into the cavity. There are many types to choose from, including small finger pulls, squares, rectangles, and circular designs.


Doorknobs have been around for hundreds of years and are usually spherical. You can use them to turn latches and pair them with locks to provide security. There are too many styles to choose from, including antique cast iron knobs that can be used in period and traditional buildings as well as modern stainless steel and polished brass doorknobs. You can also buy center doorknobs in addition to traditional ones. These are decorative and add a unique feature to your front door.

Thumb Turns

Bathrooms are the most common place where thumb turns are used. The thumb turn is simple to operate and moves the bolt into or out of the lock. Thumb turn is used to protect privacy but not security. In an emergency, thumb turns can be operated from the outside with a coin.

Cabinet Cup Handles

Cup handles make a great handle for kitchen cabinets, drawers, and other items due to their easy grip on heavy furniture. You can choose from a classic semi-circular shape or a variety of finishes and colors to match your furniture.

Cabinet Pull Handles

Cabinet pull handles are available in many sizes, shapes, and designs to enhance your furniture. You can choose from a variety of pull handles for cabinets, including those with curved or linear designs. Traditional pull handles are cast iron and D handles.

Cabinet Knobs

Doorknobs can be used to open cupboard doors and cabinet handles to make a room more spacious or to add finishing touches to furniture. There are many styles and colors to choose from, including square and traditional brass knobs and circular wooden knobs.


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