A Guide to Bathroom Tiling

If you have decided to retile your bathroom and have never tiled before, there are a few important aspects to consider before you start. First, you will need to have all the tools and equipment, which would include the following:

  • Tile Cutter – This device cuts tiles squarely and is essential.
  • Tile Spacers – To make sure the tiles are evenly spaced when fitted to either the wall or the floor.
  • Trowels – One for spreading adhesive and one for grouting.
  • Buckets for mixing grout and adhesive.
  • Spirit Level
  • Rubber Mallet – For tapping the tiles into position.

Professional Solutions

If you would rather have the job done by professionals, there are affordable bathroom suppliers in Bristol who would make short work of the tiling, and they can also handle anything connected to bathrooms, including plumbing work and second fixings.  

Preparing the Substrate

It is important that the walls or flooring are free from bumps, which can be done by running a scraper over the surfaces, while also filling any hollows with filler, which need to be sanded down when dry to leave a smooth finish.

Applying the Adhesive

It isn’t a good idea to get ahead of yourself, so only apply enough adhesive for 3-4 tiles, and work methodically from one side to the other. Don’t forget to use the tile spacers, as they ensure a professional finish.


Once the tiles are in place, you can remove the tile spacers and mix enough grout to complete the whole area. Grouting gets a little messy, but with a damp cloth, you can wipe away any excess. You should always keep the work area tidy, and only have items you need in the bathroom.

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