Electricity Testing & Certification Services

Most people think electricians spend all their time on wiring new builds or repairing existing systems, and while these aspects do make up a majority of the electricians workload, the tradesman will also carry out testing and issue certificates.

  • Home Buyer Reports – When a person is looking to buy a property, they will first have the electrical system inspected, just in case there are hidden issues that need to be rectified. There are electricians in Sheffield who devote a lot of their time to providing house reports for potential buyers.
  • Landlord Certificates – Prior to renting out a property, the landlord must have the electrical system inspected and certified as being safe. As you can imagine, there are a lot of rental homes that require inspecting and certifying, and this is a role of your local electrical contractor.
  • Safety Reports – Commercial premises that use high voltage must have safety reports carried out on a regular and ongoing basis. Insurance companies will specify the types of reports they want to receive, and the electrical system of a building is always on the list.
  • Portable Appliance Testing – This might be carried out for a domestic customer who is worried that a coffee machine or portable heater is not in a safe condition. Should the electrician find anything untoward, he would recommend a repair or to avoid using the appliance.

Safety is a critical aspect when dealing with electricity, and it is no surprise that the electrician spends some of his time certifying systems and providing reports.

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