How to Eradicate Bees from Your Property

Bees are a very important part of our eco-system and without their input, we would face a worldwide food shortage. Here are some things to consider before removing bees from your home.

Are they Dangerous?

Bees aren’t dangerous or even aggressive insects, they generally go about their business without bothering anyone around them. Although they can turn hostile, it only happens on rare occasions such as:

  • When the queen bee has died, and they don’t have a leader in the hive.
  • When the weather becomes humid, bees tend to become more aggressive. They can’t control the temperature in the hive, and this makes them angrier.
  • When there is a lack of flowers and plants to produce nectar. A pheromone is released that causes bees to attack.

Most people aren’t allergic to bee stings and they don’t pose much a threat unless you are attacked by a hive. Southend-on-Sea pest control specialists can help you remove an infestation from your home, if you’ve an allergy, you should contact an expert immediately.

Safe Removal

Most people get confused as to whether they are looking at hornets, wasps or honey bees. The easy thing to do is call an expert pest control company and ask them to assess your infestation. If you’ve a wasp or hornets nest, they eradicate it using the right type of equipment. Generally, if they find honey bees, they try to save them by calling a local beekeeper to remove the hive.

Before taking drastic measures, make sure you identify the type of infestation and deal with it in an effective manner.

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