How to Get Your Kids to Clean Up Their Room

Kids can be quite messy at times and they hate it if someone tries to clear up their things around the room or ask them to do it. Parents find it very difficult to get their kids to clean their rooms. Below are a few ways that can help you get your kids to clean their rooms.

Start Early

Children start learning habits at a very early age. If, as toddlers, you never trained them to clear up their toys after playing, they will certainly never clear up after themselves. You have to start training them and ingraining in their minds the importance of cleanliness, at a very young age. If they develop it as a habit in their early years, they will not find it difficult to clean their rooms when asked. Also, they will be less messy so they will not have much to clean after themselves.

Delegate Responsibilities

If your child is about four years old, you can delegate small and easy tasks to them like picking up their toys, or putting their dirty clothes in the hamper. As your child grows, you can increase the responsibility and give them other work around the house like setting the table or clearing it or cleaning up their own room.
In case there are two or more than two children in a house, divide the duties among them fairly.

Give them Credit!

This is very important to keep your children motivated and encourage them to help you out. Praise and reward your kids from time to time to keep their spirits up. Recognize their efforts and appreciate them for their work. If children feel that helping around the house and cleaning their rooms is actually important work and that they are being praised for their hard work, they will do it with more fervor and enthusiasm.

Help them out

Children get bored very quickly. If you have asked them to clear their room and they lose interest in it after a while, go and help out with them. Engage them in interesting conversation while you work and before they realize it, the work will be done.
If the cleaning involves vacuuming and moving furniture, you can ask your children to lend a hand while you work as they will not be able to execute such difficult tasks by themselves.

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