Ineffective Ant Control Treatments to Avoid

Ants are extremely hardy little creatures that have a very methodical approach to life, and we’ve been sharing our homes with these six-legged insects since we first evolved. The fact that they are still doing well as a species is a testament to their adaptability, and if you should experience an ant invasion in your home, here are a few treatments that are best avoided.

  • Boiling Water – A big pot of boiling water directly onto the nest will pretty much do the job, yet access is rarely good enough to allow this, and unless you score a direct hit on the nest, you are only damaging the colony, and they will recover.
  • Over the Counter Chemicals – Yes, they can work, although the chemicals are very weak when compared to those of a professional pest control company. Ants can quickly become immune to slight doses of chemicals, which only makes them stronger, but with pest control in Wakefield, you can rest assured that your ant problem is firmly in the past.
  • Stomping the Ants – This is something that kids will do, and while you will crush a few, the thousands more in the nest will simply breed more to compensate for the casualties.

The best way to eliminate ants from your home is to call in your local pest control firm, who will quickly identify the species and end the invasion. All it takes is an online search and once the mobile team arrive, you are hours away from being ant free. While they are there, you can ask them to inspect the house, looking for signs of mice and cockroaches.










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