Installing A Boiler: What You Should Know

Installing a boiler for your home can be a great comfort, especially if you are living in an area with a cold climate. A boiler can either bring hot water to your bathroom, or heat up the entire room through radiant heat.

  • Installing a boiler
  • Maintenance
  • Finding a certified engineer

Installing a boiler

As installing a boiler should be done by a competent person, you should not be doing it yourself if you are unsure of the process. There are gas and electrical components inside the boiler, and if improperly installed, could cause a short-circuit or even an explosion. Leave it to a company that deals with all local boiler installations in Glasgow, and you will never have to worry about it.


Installing a boiler is the first part, but regular maintenance and checking is needed to ensure that it is working properly. If left unchecked, the efficiency of your boiler will drop and this will lead to an increase of your energy bills, a longer time to heat up, and even a sharp decrease in the lifespan of your boiler.

Finding a certified engineer

Most of the boilers today are fuelled by gas, and always ensure that the person who is working on your boiler should be a certified engineer that has the experience and qualifications to work safely with gas.

A word of caution: never carry out repairs by yourself just to save on the cost. Doing so could cause potential damage to the boiler, and even injuring yourself in the process. Instead, always engage someone qualified to do it.







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