The Various Types of Bed you Can buy Today

Buying a bed is a considerable investment, and as there are many different styles, it is important to choose one that is suited to your needs. If you are thinking of getting rid of your old bed, here are a few of the popular styles available from your local beds supplier in Warrington.

  • The Divan Bed – Always a favourite as there is so much storage space in a divan bed, giving you room for storing blankets, sheets and quilts for the cold weather. Of course, the type of mattress needs to suit you, which is why you should actually test the bed for comfort, rather than buying something that will not afford you a good night’s sleep.
  • The Floor Level Bed – A Japanese style bed that is very popular for a home with a modern setting, which sits on the floor rather than having a base, and once you get used to sleeping at floor level, it is really comfortable.
  • The Four Poster Bed – If you like fine antiques, why not order a four poster bed? The ultimate in style and luxury, a four poster had lace curtains that can be pulled down to give you a cosy feeling in the cold winter evenings.
  • Bunk Beds – Ideal for the children, bunk beds take up little room, making it an ideal choice for a small bedroom, and the kids can take turns sleeping on the top bunk.

When buying a bed, it is a good idea to visit a showroom, where you can see many fine examples of various styles, and by choosing a quality brand, you will have many years of comfortable nights.











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