Top 3 Window Décor Inspirations For Small Urban Homes

Décor Inspirations For Small Urban Homes

Dressing up your windows need a bit of forethought and awareness of all the options you have on hand. With a bit of adjustment, you can redefine the look of your entire interiors, by making some simple changes to just your window decor. For small urban homes, space is always at a premium and it needs special creativity to bring a big decor change without cluttering up the available space with too many knickknacks. The windows in any room take up major space of the walls, making them quite a significant part of the room’s look. You can introduce more colours, textures and aesthetic designs through your window decor and it can be a handy replacement for wall arts. Regardless of whether you prefer elaborate or minimalist designs, you can find some options that can suit your exact taste when it comes to dressing up your windows just the way you like it.

Upping your curtain preferences

One of the most common furnishings for your windows, curtains can help you elevate your room decor by a huge degree. You can also customise your choices based on many factors. Make your choice based on fabrics to change the look of your room to a more sophisticated flavour. Velvets and satins can bring elegance to a room decor while cotton can be for a more casual look. You can choose curtain styles in vintage textures to give a retro feel to your decor. In addition, you can also choose simple bright colours to bring a contemporary look to your home within minimalist changes.

Choosing the right blinds for your room decor

Blinds are a great option for windows of a small home office or playrooms. They can be customised according to the room decor while bringing a modicum of privacy to your rooms. You have the option to choose floor to ceiling blinds as room separators to continue the theme of the blinds as a more elaborate part of your room decor. You are spoilt for choice with different popular styles – Venetian, roman, roller or even panel blinds for your rooms. You can further customise the blinds with the prints and textures of your choice. Get a complete painting restructured on the panels of your blinds so that when closed, the blinds transform your window into spectacular wall art. Paint your blind panels in pastels or contrasting shades with respect to your wall colour to give a more dramatic look to your room decor.

Choosing the perfect shutters

If budget is an issue and you still crave to bring an amazing decor element to your rooms, choose shutters for your windows. Consult with professional shutters Newcastle brands to get the latest options for shutter designs for windows of any size or shape. You can get your product customised to match your room furnishings or bring a contrasting relief to any particular wall, turning it into a showcase nook of your room.

When you start your window decor project, chalk out a basics budget before you delve into choosing the correct options for your home. You can streamline your choice this way and plan a seamless decor that matches the style and functionality of each of your rooms.

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