What Can Go Wrong with a Pitched Roof?

If you have ever wondered what could possibly go wrong with your roof, the answer is, quite a lot. The roof of your house must endure the harsh British climate, with driving rain, gale-force winds and direct sunlight, al bearing down on your roof in the course of a year. Add to that the frequent storms and you realise that a roof can easily become damaged, and with that in mind, here are a few common roofing issues with a traditional pitched roof.

  • Missing Roof Tiles – High winds can lift roof tiles, and as they are not nailed tightly to the roof batons, a strong wind could remove a few tiles. If you should ever notice missing or broken roof tiles, call in the local Roofing services in Portsmouth who will make short work of a few missing tiles. Putting it off for a while is simply not an option, as rainwater will decay the inner timber of the roof framework, so prompt repairs are the order of the day.
  • Blocked Guttering – The guttering on a pitched roof is a critical component as it catches rainwater and channels it to the waiting downpipes, and should there be a blockage, the water will run down the exterior walls and you certainly don’t want that.
  • Chimney Damage – The chimney is very vulnerable as it protrudes from the roof line, and damage can be caused by flying debris, tree movement, or simply wear and tear. If a chimney is showing signs of wear and tear, re-pointing the brickwork would be the thing to do.

Regular roof inspections will reveal any minor issues and they can be repaired before they come major. By keeping your eye on the roof, you will be aware if anything is wrong, and calling in your local roofer is the best way forward.

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