What Can Go Wrong with an Expensive Carpet or Rug?

Persian and Oriental rugs are fine works of art, and purchasing such a rug is a considerable investment, and like most things, they can show wear and tear over the years. Of course, rugs and carpets are best used to really appreciate their beauty, and try as you might, they do become stained and can become faded with years of constant use.

Professional Stain Removal

Expensive carpets and rugs can be stained, and rather than attempting to remove the stain yourself, you should search for expert carpet restoration in London, as this type of company specialises in removing stains from fine carpets and rugs. Each situation is taken on its own merits, and the specialist has numerous stain removal options, depending on the stain and the make-up of the carpet.

Fading Colour

No matter how well a carpet or rug is made, if it is exposed to constant direct sunlight, it will eventually fade in certain places. Colour restoration on expensive carpets is a very specialised type of work and there are not that many companies who can take on such work. The process offers the following benefits:

  • The restored colour remains fast
  • The carpet can be used immediately after treatment
  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic

Carpet Stains

Perhaps the most common problem with a carpet or rug is staining, and there are many substances that can cause a stain and make removal very difficult indeed. The best solution is to consult an expert carpet care provider, who can remove any stain, no matter how stubborn it might be.




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