What Special Equipment Does a Roofer Use?

An experienced roofer can work at heights in all weather, and in order to safely carry out his work, he needs certain tools and equipment. Like any other trade, there’s a right and a wrong way to go about roofing, and without his trusted took kit and special ladders, the roofer would be unable to do his work.

Working at Height

This is perhaps the most dangerous part of roofing, and sloping roofs can be very slippery, which means the roofer must be sure footed and have a form platform on which to work. Every roofer will have a set of chicken ladders, which has two hooks on the top that hook over the ridge and provide a safe and solid platform for working on.

Roofer’s Pouch

Usually made from leather or possibly canvas, the roofer’s pouch contains essential nails and tacks that he needs for fixing tiles to the batons, while the pouch also has many loops to hold his hammers and grips that he uses for breaking tiles.

Hand Tools

The roofer will have a range of hand tools, including the following:

  • Claw Hammer- For removing nails,
  • Crowbar – For levering tiles.
  • Nail Punch – for pushing nails under the surface.

The roofer uses caulk guns to fill small gaps with silicone, which waterproofs well, and best roofing company in Huddersfield would have a few tubes of silicone in their vans at all times.

Power Tools

The power tools a roofer uses include:

  • Circular Saw – For cutting joists and rafters.
  • Power Screwdriver – For fixing tile batons onto the roof.
  • Electric Plane – Sometimes used for planning down rafters.

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