Why Video Surveillance is the Perfect Security Tool

CCTV took the world by storm, and one could say that it changed things in so many ways, and today when you walk into a retail store, you expect to be on at least 3 cameras at any given time. Burglars have a keen eye, and as soon as they spot cameras on a property, they scratch it off their list of hopefuls, and move on.

  • Monitoring Employees – CCTV is a very effective way to find out what is happening to your stock, and it allows you to observe the work force. Should there ever be a conflict between employees, the hard evidence is there for you to see, and should an accident occur, you can hopefully learn the cause and plug that hole. With affordable certified CCTV suppliers in Dudley, you can set up cameras to monitor your staff, which affects everyone, and is a form of protection.
  • Customer Conflicts – In a retail environment, it is sometimes the case when a customer insists they gave the salesperson a large bill and have not received the right change, and CCTV can settle that argument.
  • Perimeter Security – Any business premises with a large compound would have video surveillance CTTV of the entire perimeter, and with high definition, night-friendly cameras, nothing is missed; vehicle registration numbers are clearly visible, as are people’s faces.

Whatever your chosen industry, video surveillance can help you in many respects, and there are no off-the-shelf solutions with CCTV. An online search will take you to a local security expert, who would pay you a visit and design the perfect system that best meets your needs.








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