May 21, 2024

Write for us

We are using this opportunity to ask you to contribute to us by writing about your original thoughts and helping to make our online platform exceptional.

Before we get started, there are certain ground rules and requirements for the material that you need to follow. If you don’t, then the content that you create won’t be accepted. Therefore, before you may write for us, you are required to read attentively and follow the instructions.

Write For Us Content Guidelines:

The following are some instructions that we have provided you:

1. You are tasked with producing original, thoroughly researched, and interesting material for our audience.

2. We welcome content submissions in all legitimate markets, including but not limited to business, finance, home improvement, entertainment, travel, cuisine, health, and home improvement, among others.

3. On the same day, we post all the content we have received. Our editing staff puts forth a lot of effort to make sure we don’t miss any deadlines.

4. The material must have a word count of at least 500 to be published, and we will allow a maximum of two links that are integrated into the text naturally.

5. We will not publish any content originating from restricted markets such as betting, casinos, gambling, or any other restricted markets.

6. When a piece of information is published on our website, it immediately becomes our property. This means that the content cannot be replicated and posted on any other website. We reserve the absolute right to either reject or amend your content, as well as to remove, replace, or add a section of information or include additional connections to external websites at a later time. What we promise is that your links will be around for the long haul and won’t be taken down.

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